Viral TikTok Sparks a Divided Conversation on Food Stamps

Some were not very happy to hear this.
By Savannah Moss
@lillyy_ram | TikTok

In a viral video on TikTok, a user posts that she authorized 900 dollars worth of food stamps to someone who does not work and just bought a house. The video, which now has 30 thousand likes and over 450 thousand views, however, got some negative attention. Though the user posted it humorously, attaching it to a funny sound on TikTok, many did not take it as light-heartedly. In the comments, she later notes that she apologizes to anyone who was offended, as it was not the original intention of her video.


It do be like that sometimes… ignore the triple chin and bad lip syn 😂 #EligibiltyWorker


TikTok’s reaction

With 668 comments, many expressed their frustrations with the video. One person noted that this is the “problem with this country.” Others noted their own situations, as one expressed that “but my family of 4 doesn’t qualify because we went over the limit by $1. This system is a joke.” The original creator seemed to agree with this statement, as she responded to several comments noting that she believes the system was messed up.

Image: @Lillyy_ram | TikTok


The creator also seemed to agree with the sentiment of not judging someone, as we do not always know someone’s struggles. In addition, she often responded to comments giving advice on applying for welfare and how to get started.

Image: @Lillyy_ram | TikTok


Some seemed to disagree with what Lilly was trying to say, as one person thought that this insinuated that “people shouldn’t have a place to live? Food or shelter?” Lilly responded and said that sentiment was not what she was implying, but instead, she just wished everyone applying for food stamps would be approved, in an ideal world. One commenter notes that if you do not trick the system, the system would trick you. However, though the creator eventually had to turn off the comments due to too much arguing, many were in agreement that the welfare system acts backwards and does not always provide help to those who need it.