3D Printed Guns: Should They Be Legal?

Make sure to comment without reading the article on this one!

The latest gun control debate in this great soon to be fiery planet of ours involves a few guests that we didn’t expect. Mainly, the 3-D printer, and Donald Trump’s opinion on the 3-D printer, and also — 3-D printed guns. It’s a terrifying idea that throws everything into chaos. What use is even the weakest gun control regulation if anyone, anywhere, can find his way to a 3-D printer and get themselves a weapon that is completely unregistered.

The debate was started, as many awful and weird debates are started in the year of our lord, 2018, by a Donald Trump Tweet. In the Tweet Trump said that he spoke to the NRA and told them that 3-D printed guns didn’t make sense to him! Okay.

This was problematic in and of itself, because it included a politician saying something that we sort of knew was true, but was verboten to say — he is in constant communication with lobbies. Comedian Bess Kalb breaks down while this is troubling, both concerning Donald Trump and the NRA. For one — it also proves that the NRA is less about gun ownership and more about gun companies making a profit.

But now– 3-D printed guns. Where do they fall legally as is? Well, first off, according to Mashable it is illegal to sell fire arms that can’t be traced by a metal detector under the Undetectable Firearms Act, an act signed by Ronald Reagan in 1988. In 2012, this led 3-D arms manufacturers to add a metal block to guns for them to be able to follow this law. However, they are also legally untraceable. Again, Mashable’s breakdown of the entire situation is invaluable.

This all brings us to today. On August 1st, the State Department and the Defense Department was set to release the trove of 3-D gun blueprints created by one Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed. Cody Wilson is a 3-D gun manufacturer whose blueprints have been downloaded almost 100,000 times before the government stepped in and blocked the enterprise.

Well, on August 1st, the New York attorney general has worked with attorney generals around the world to block the 3-D printing of guns, stopping these blueprints from being put out there.

Who knows what will happen next. On the one hand, the Trump administration doesn’t seem beholden to anything concerning the way things are usually done, and it seems like the gun culture that the NRA has fanned in the name of profit has now gotten out of its control.

The idea that anyone with a 3D printer can make a machine that can take a life is terrifying. And the only thing that can save us… is that these things look really stupid. It looks like you have a dumb toy. Let us hope that tiny x-factor will stop the next mentally ill human being from shooting up his local supermarket with a gun.

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