Air Marshall Dances His Way Through Directing The Planes

Well, this is nice.

Look. You ever see a video of a guy just feeling himself and go — “Well. That’s made my day. Maybe if this guy is feeling himself, I can be feeling myself. It’s a good life”. And this fella? Well, this fella is absolutely feeling himself. As recorded from the window of a flight, we can watch an air marshal just dancing his way through directing traffic. I mean, no harm, no fowl. He’s directing the planes same as anyone. Just with a little extra wiggle in his walk than normal. Just a little pep in his step! Fun in his gums! Uhhh. Umm. Joy in his… toys. Which is what I have, for the sake of rhyme and rhyme alone, decided to call the little light things the guy carries. The performance is absolutely JOYFUL. Bring yourself some joy and watch the thing below.

The Russian family in the video is as overjoyed as us! The viewers! I mean, I bet I could dance while I write these entries. Who’s that going to annoy, just everyone around me? Tough stuff, guys! You’re going to see me dance and you’re going to judge me! My 2019 resolution? To have as much fun as an air marshal.

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Wowie zowie.

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