Big Dick Energy: A Primer

Big Dick Energy? What is it? Why is it? And how does Pete Davidson fit in?


Twitter has been overcome with a new meme for its meme loving lips: Big Dick Energy. It seemingly came out of nowhere, and no one could quite pin point what it meant. The closest thing the internet could agree with is it meant some kind of quiet confidence and power. It has nothing to do with having a big dick, and more about— well, we’re not sure. We’re all still figuring this out, but maybe talking about the origin of Big Dick Energy, as recounted by The Verge would help.

In a now deleted Tweet asking about how long an interlude about Pete Davidson on her new album would be, Ariana Grande jokingly revealed his penis size, only to quickly delete it —

So, this continued the mystery of the Pete Davidson/Ariana Grande courting, a relationship that so far is almost exclusively mystery. They both dated their partners before these for years, broke up shortly before meeting each other, then immediately getting engaged? We need clues, people! Clues! In a discussion on Davidson, one of them put it succinctly —

Interesting, interesting, yes yes. The term, Big Dick Energy, then went viral on Twitter, with people debating what it is. Do they have Big Dick Energy? Is Big Dick Energy something you’re born with? Which energy is the biggest and the dickest? A few folks on Twitter took a stab at trying to define it, with the concept being some sort of humble confidence. If you have a big dick, you don’t have to tell people, I guess is the idea behind it. You just sort of kind of know, by gosh.

Here is what the super brains on Twitter had to say about Big Dick Energy, or BDE as the layman calls it.

And I have tragic news. Apparently in the hour or so that ti took me to write this entry, Big Dick Energy is over. Good bye. RIP Big Dick Energy. Your energy was too Big Dicked for this world.

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