Vets Reveal What Pets Think in Their Final Moments

It's a moment that scares all of us, but what goes through the minds of our furry little friends during this time?

I’m going to give a pre-warning to this article. It’s going to be sad, and you may need to grab a box of tissues, because we’re about to reveal what goes through our furry friends’ minds in their final moments on earth.

Jessi Dietrich had to take her cat to the vet a few months ago, and to fill the time whilst she waited for her best friend, Jessi thought she would ask the vet what might be going through a pets’ mind during their last few moments. Although Jessi probably expected the vet to say how the animal doesn’t know what’s going on, and that they’re probably thinking happy thoughts, the answer Jessi got was the complete opposite.

Yep, we did warn you about the tissues. Our hearts broke into pieces and our eyes filled with tears when we read this. We get that many owners are unable to cope with watching their fluffy friend pass into the next life, but the poor little animal could probably use a friend to say goodbye.

It’s such a heart wrenching thing to think of, and so many people across Twitter replied to the tweet with their own thoughts and stories on the subject. Some of them from professionals on how they do the process, and others sharing pictures from the moment they had to say goodbye…

Why? Seriously, why does this have to happen to the greatest creatures on earth. I don’t think I could cope with being a vet after this, it would be too sad.

Honestly, same. This story is waaaaaay too much for me to handle. Excuse me while I go cuddle my dog and tell him how much I love him.

I bet you’re glad I mentioned about those tissues. Please go cuddle your pets as hard as you can, until they try to wriggle away from all the love. For more light-hearted stories, follow us on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.