Video Of Michael Rapaport Screaming At Bug Eyed Cat Goes Viral

I think Wilfred the cat looks fine.

A video of Michael Rapaport dubbing his voice over an internet famous hideous cat known only as Wilfred has went viral online recently, after being uploaded to the actor’s Instagram and YouTube page.

Look, we’re going to side with Michael Rapaport on this one. That cat certainly doesn’t give off the vibe that it didn’t crawl out from a haunted storybook and is here to peer into our soul lest we solve its riddles three. Michael Rappaport’s reaction is the same I would have if I got glared at by an extra from a stop motion Tim Burton or Laika motion picture — absolute swear filled horror as he tries to get him mom to come out and look at this just absolutely terrifying cat.

The cat is meant to make you think that it just appeared in Michael Rapaport’s mother’s backyard — but in reality it was a viral clip of Wilfred, an Instagram famous cat who looks like a beautiful freak, who can be seen at the Instagram account of @WilfredWarrior.

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In the Michael Rapaport narrated version, the camera pans over to a cat that Michael Rapaport is terrified will get attacked by Wilfred.In the original version there isn’t really much commentary. Maybe they just panned over to the cat to show what a normal cat would look like in comparison to Wilfred’s incredible unique beauty.

Wilfred’s Instagram is worth clicking around in, just to see exactly how good its owner’s sense of humor is about her one of a kind cat. In Instagrams up and down the feed, she compares her bug eyed, underbite owning cat to everyone from Steve Buscemi, to The Worm from Labyrinth. Frankly, I believe the cat is an enigma all his own, and must not be compared to anyone who comes before or after, for it would mitigate what makes this champion one worthy of his title — which is being a freaky as hell cat who absolutely rules.

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Doppelganger Series: The Worm/Wilfred Ever since Wilfred's account started, we have been amazed by how many lookalike comparisons he inspired from people. I'm going to share some of the most common and funniest and would love to hear your thoughts on them! ? I've started with The Worm from Labyrinth, which isn't one of the more common comparisons, but is one of my favourites as I loved this film when I was a little girl and thought that The Worm was the cutest little thing ever!!! ? Keep the comparisons coming! . . . . . . . . #labyrinth #fantasy #fantasyfiction #adventure #theworm #doppelganger #fantasyfest #strange #spooky #fairytale #twins #cats #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #theellenshow #ellenratemycat #buzzfeed #9gag #meowed #mood #currentmood #cute #adorable #petsofig #petsofig #filmfan #filmbuff #film

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