VIDEO: One Year Old Survives Having Train Pass Over Her

This video is... insane. And that is the luckiest baby on the planet.

Babies are so sensitive. It’s so odd — if you let them cry for too long, or answer every single cry immediately, or any variance of that, your baby’s personality could be changed forever. Same for toilet training and feeding, so I wonder, what does it do to a baby to straight up survive being run over by a train? I don’t know, but if you want to see an insane video of a train at Mathura Railway station in Northern India completely pass over a completely unharmed child, then I absolutely have the hook up for that. Watch this video below, and make sure not to chafe your eyes from rubbing them in disbelief too hard.

The baby fell right between the cracks between the train and the station, and then gaze in shock as– everyone seems relatively fine! It must be the shock of seeing a damn train pass over a damn baby! Jesus! The parents can be heard praising God, which is pretty much the right person to praise in a situation like that, and then the baby cries as a hat is put on her head because babies have no idea what’s actually scary! Babies! Come on!

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