Waffle House Employee asks for a Noose in front of Black Mother and her Child

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In Gainesville, Georgia a Black mother and her family decide to eat at the fast-food chain Waffle House. What she didn’t expect was their employees making snide comments about needing a noose in front of her children.


In the video, you see a Black mother and her children trying to enjoy a nice meal at Waffle House, but that immediately comes to an end when multiple employees who work there were racist. The mom decided to document the incident she had just experienced where she stated their waitress “asked for a noose” in front of her daughter. Upon, that racially fueled interaction she rightfully asked to speak to a manager and then he claimed: “to have two nooses in his car.”


She and her family was not expecting in this day and age to encounter such hatred like this stating, “So I’m pretty daggone sure this is probably the [most] racist place I’ve ever been,” she said. She then decided to take down their corporate office number to file a complaint, but no one ever got back to her. Making the comments section furious with the video receiving almost two million views, asking her to legal action. Which in fact she did and then finally someone reached out.


After the help of the TikTok community making multiple complaints to the Waffle House corporate house, they issued a statement on Twitter that reads as follows: “We have reached out privately to the customer in an effort to gain more information about this incident,” the statement reads. “We intend to conduct a thorough investigation into all of her allegations, after which we will take appropriate disciplinary action.”


Waffle House claims that they will be taking these allegations very seriously and keep up with the story to see if these employees face the right consequences.

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