Walmart Employee Caught Changing Salad Prices Causing a Twitter Frenzy

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In a recent TikTok, a TikTok user records a Walmart employee as they replace price tags for salad dressing with a new price. Though this seems completely ordinary, the shock came when people realized the salad dressing was being charged from 2 dollars to eight dollars, surprising many. With over 2 thousand comments, many are debating if this is actually due to inflation or companies using that as an excuse to increase prices. When companies increase the prices of goods to something that would seem unfair to most due to demand and supply shock, this is known as price gouging. Many are wondering if this is the case in this video, as this is an insane price jump.


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On Tuesday, President Biden banned exports from Russia, which caused gas to increase to an average of $4.25 per gallon. This is known as inflation when goods or services increase due to supply and demand. However, many wonder if Walmart is using this as an excuse. Most know that inflation will make things expensive, and as time goes on, the goods will continue to be more and more expensive. Some, however, are skeptical that the price increase would increase from two dollars to eight.

Image: @devious_love | TikTok

Many thought that if the salad dressing were going to increase this high, they were worried to see how high other items would be. Some, however, tried to calm others down. Some wondered if there were new items being replaced there, and that the worker was just putting the prices down before placing the items. Many thought that there would be no way that the salad dressing cost could go up so exponentially in a matter of a few days. One person wrote, “They are probably rearranging the shelves and that price is for a different item, do NOT believe everything.”

Image: @devious_love | TikTok


Overall, it seems like only time will tell about these items, as nobody seemed to have any divisive comments about whether or not Walmart’s salad dressing was increasing this much. However, many were sure that if this was only the beginning with price increases, it will only get worse from here, which concerned TikTok users quite a bit.

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