What Is Gigadat, And How Can You Use It For Online Casino Transactions?

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The online casino market is an established entity in the gambling industry. Online casinos in Canada have improved their services to a top-notch level through quality game assortments, advanced security systems, arrays of bonuses and promotions, and secured payment methods.

Due to the increased rate of cybercrimes in the digital world, ensuring that gamblers’ personal information are safe while making transactions on their gambling accounts is a top priority. This is why many online casinos in Canada use the Gigadat payment system to ensure a smooth transaction between players and the house.


Kevin N. Cochran, a professional gamer and an experienced tipster, says that every Gigadat casino is one step ahead of the traditional gambling platforms. This online payment method aims at creating seamless transactions for a fast withdrawal experience, which solves most gamers’ problems. This article will explain the how-tos of successfully using Gigadat payment for your gambling transactions.

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What Is The Gigadat Payment Method?

A group of Canadian financial experts founded this payment platform to give Canadians a convenient, reliable, and secure payment system. Gigadat was founded in 2013 to help businesses reach out to more consumers, create efficient customer relations, and give people effective online banking solutions.

They collaborate with several banking firms in Canada, such as Interac, to achieve a secured banking ecosystem. Regardless of your business status — small and medium-sized businesses, national or multinational corporations, Gigadat aims to connect Canadians to the products and services you offer through their established payment system. Gambling houses have tapped into this to offer gamers quality online casino payment options, and gamers can gamble conveniently without being suspicious.

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How To Use Gigadat For Online Casino Transactions

An important factor is to use casinos that accept financial firms that use Gigadat — which should mostly be Interac. Interac is a participating financial institution that makes your transfer on the platform easier. While their transfers can take up to 30 minutes, they are mostly instant. You can use these simple steps to make transactions using Interac:


  1. For Online Casino Payment Transactions
  • Visit your online gambling site.
  • Click on the Interac e-transfer option.
  • You’ll be required to select the amount you want to deposit.
  • After choosing an amount, you’ll be transferred to another page, where you’ll be given your transaction information.
  • Next, log in to your online bank, and select the Interac transfer option.
  • Fill in your transaction details which usually contain the recipient’s name, email address, a required unique ID, and the amount you want to deposit.
  • Your request will be sent to your casino, which will send a security question back to you.
  • Gigadat provides you with the security answer, and your transfer is successful.
  1. For Online Withdrawals From Your Site

You’ll be required to use the ‘Request Money’ feature on Interac e-Transfer to request a withdrawal from your online casino. This usually requires an email address and a bank account of a participating financial firm. 

If your gambling site accepts your withdrawal request, Gigadat will send you an email to inform you when the money gets into your account. These are the steps to request a withdrawal with Gigadat:

  • Log into your gambling platform.
  • Click on Interac’s Request Money feature.
  • Select the amount of money you want to withdraw from your casino account.
  • You’ll be transferred to a new window, where you’ll be asked to confirm your email address and phone number.
  • Gigadat will send you an email notifying you of your request.
  • You can either click on your financial institution to confirm the transaction or reject the request.
  • Once the payment has been made into your account, you can print out your receipt.
Image: Firmbee | Unsplash

To summarize, Interac e-Transfer through Gigadat is a fast and legit way to move your money. It is backed up with several security questions and protocols required before a successful transaction. The icing on the cake is that you don’t need to divulge your personal information online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is Gigadat Safe to Use?

Yes. Due to its intensive safety protocols, your transfers are unique and cannot be tampered with by external factors.

  1. How Do I Reverse the Transaction if I Use an Invalid Email Address?

The transaction will be automatically canceled if the email address is not valid. Your money will be returned to the casino and should be credited back into your registered account within 24 hours. However, if you used the wrong email, notify Gigadat to cancel the transaction.



  1. How Come I Didn’t Get the Security Answer?

Your unique security answer is sent to you through email or SMS. If you do not get it on both platforms, check your profile to know if the email addresses and phone numbers you submitted are correct.


  1. Who Do I Contact for Complaints?

Contact Gigadat directly, as Interac is only a participating firm.


Final Thoughts

Safe banking methods are a necessity for the digital world. Gigadat ensures businesses and consumers can have a healthy banking relationship with no risks. If you are within the axis of Canada, you can try this payment method on your online casino platform to enjoy a smooth gambling experience.

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