What Skills Do You Need to Be a Good Gamer?

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Image: @Axville | Unsplash

For most of us, gaming is just a fun hobby. It’s a way to blow off some steam, escape from the real world, and spend some time alone or with our friends. Generally, being good at a game is not a prerequisite for having fun, but we all like to get the bragging rights that come from beating our buddies. 

For some people, being good at a video game comes naturally. They can just pick up a controller and feel at one, instinctively knowing what buttons to press, how to control their character, and where all the best spots on a map are. However, other people have to practice a lot to reach this same level but do eventually get there. 

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But whether you are a naturally gifted gamer or someone who’s had to work a little harder to level up, you need the same skills to bag yourself a high score.

Good Hand-Eye Coordination. 

When you play most games on a computer or console, you need to process the visual information your eyes are receiving and quickly make decisions about where to go and what to do. Your hands then need to press the right buttons and move the joystick(s) at precisely the right time to control your character or craft on the screen. 

This requires good hand-eye coordination and without it you’ll really struggle with many video games. 

Racing games require a strong command of a vehicle so that you can maintain the highest speeds and hit all the right points on the circuit. Similarly, shooting games need you to control the movement of the character while simultaneously aiming and firing your weapon(s), necessitating a degree of multitasking in your coordination.

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Strategic Thinking

Mediocre gamers make their decisions based on what they see happening right now, while great ones are always thinking several steps ahead. This ability to think strategically makes a huge difference in gaming as it helps you anticipate where your opponents maybe, what they’ll do, and how you can defeat them. 


This can also come in handy when playing traditional casino games. For example, among all the many roulette tips given by experienced players, only playing European variants without the 00 pockets is one of the most important. This is because American roulette has a bigger house edge than European, worsening the odds for players. 

In chess, strategy is also important as it is vital that you predict what moves your opponent will make ahead of time so you can head them off and gain an advantage. 

Image: Luis Villasmil | Unsplash

Performing Under Pressure

No matter whether you’re playing Call of Duty, Candy Crush, or Monopoly, it’s important to be able to make the right decisions at the right time. In fact, even a wrong decision is better than no decision, so it’s important to not let the pressure get to you while you play. 

Fast-paced games, in particular, can force players to feel the heat because they need to think, react, and decide quickly. If you’re someone who can (or can learn to) handle this pressure and retain a clear head, then you’ll have an advantage over your rivals.

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