What to Know About the Upcoming Louis Tomlinson Documentary “All of Those Voices”

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Louis Tomlinson performs in concert at Razzmatazz on March 09, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain.
Xavi Torrent/Redferns for Live Nation

Louis Tomlinson, formerly of world-famous boy band One Direction, recently announced a documentary about his life after the band is to be released on March 22. The British singer-songwriter’s film, All of the Voices, trends on social media as fans of One Direction and of Tomlinson’s solo career alike reminisce on his early music career, and predict what the documentary will feature.

The film’s title comes from the lyrics of Tomlinson’s 2022 song “Bigger Than Me” from his album Faith in the Future. Tomlinson’s solo career took a pop-rock turn, and he continues to write the majority of his own music. He previously wrote several of One Direction’s most successful songs. His latest work leans into the Brit pop influences he was raised on, and lyrically reflects the narrative of a mature artist. Older Gen Z fans remember his One Direction era, and the 2013 documentary One Direction: This Is Us. The documentary will likely focus on Tomlinson’s past experiences in the boy band, and how they’ve influenced the present.

Fans anxiously await an official trailer drop on social media.

The film is also set to give an inside view into Tomlinson’s latest tour, offering never-before-seen perspectives.

Following One Direction’s breakup, Tomlinson lost his mother to cancer, and one of his sisters to an accidental drug overdose. He also became a father after ex-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth gave birth to their son, Freddie. This series of major life events led Tomlinson to maintain a relatively private life for the past few years. He released two solo albums post One Direction, Walls in 2020 and Faith in the Future in 2022. Tomlinson continues to use social media predominantly for business purposes, contrary to One Direction’s huge internet presence and the 2010s video diaries.


Despite what some view as a quieter solo career when compared with bandmates Harry Styles and Niall Horan, Tomlinson maintains a sizable global fan base. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Tomlinson was in the middle of a sold-out world tour. The documentary could include Tomlinson’s experience with handling the tour during COVID-19’s initial outbreak, and his journey into fatherhood. Now, fans share humorous throwback photos of Tomlinson as they wait for more clues on what the film will feature.

The biggest mystery about the documentary is whether any of Tomlinson’s former bandmates will make an appearance. Tomlinson was notably close to Harry Styles during the One Direction years. Styles recently thanked his bandmates in a heartwarming speech when he won artist of the year at the BRIT Awards.


Niall Horan recently dropped a new single, “Heaven”, ahead of his album The Show, and Tomlinson voiced his support for him on Instagram.


Since it appears that Tomlinson does keep in touch with his former band mates of six years, it is entirely plausible that at least one of them will feature in the upcoming film. Updates on the trailer are incoming, and you can keep up to date with news about All of Those Voices via Twitter @lthq.

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