What Was First, Las Vegas or Weddings?

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Las Vegas is known for a lot of things. Luxurious casinos and hotels? Check. Flashy and tacky neon signs everywhere? Check. Slots upon slots upon slots and roulette tables? With poker and blackjack always nearby? Check and check. But there is one more thing Las Vegas is known for the most – weddings. The neon city is still the marriage capital of the world. And in this article, we explore why that is. 

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Everything starts with logistics. And that means getting (quickly) to the place where you want to be married. McCarran International Airport has direct flights to over 110 U.S. cities and is extremely close to most hotels and major tourist attractions. The proximity means you have plenty of time before you head home for some sightseeing or visiting a casino. Besides having so many flights, their price range is also impressive, from cheap flights to the ones that would make your head spin. But after you hit that jackpot reward in Las Vegas, that won’t matter anyway. 

The Classic White Chapel Wedding

You might think that the classic white chapel wedding is only used in TV shows and drunk people getting married 2 hours after they’ve met. You couldn’t be more wrong! Well, the white chapel certainly saw its fair share of people getting married under, hm, the influence. It gets often used by people who have been planning their weddings for months. And while it can be a small, inexpensive wedding, it can also be a significant celebrity event. For example, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got married in a venue like that, and their wedding was certainly not cheap. Not to mention, it is straightforward to book one online, so the preparations are minimal.

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Of course, if somebody is into more alternative ideas, there are options for them too. Don’t forget that the desert sky is only half an hour away. Who said that weddings have to be indoors anyway?

Before and After the Wedding

But it is not just about the wedding. The other before and after activities surrounding it matter a lot as well. And once again, which city is known for its entertaining spirit and wears the nickname “Sin City”? Las Vegas, of course. They didn’t shoot Hangover there for no reason. Everyone knows what it means to have a bachelor party, and everyone knows the best ones happen in Las Vegas. Or at least that’s what it is known for nowadays. 

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The same goes for activities after the wedding. The thing with Vegas is that there are so many options. The most challenging thing is choosing the right ones. From zip lines to helicopter tours. Restaurants, attractions, museums, spas, lounges. Las Vegas has it all. And when everything is said and done, you will be going to your hotel room in a city known for its numerous hotels that range from wacky to marble testaments to luxury and wealth. 

Here is another exciting idea. Because all the venues are so close while at the same time being very different, you can have multiple weddings in one day. But, of course, we are talking about friends getting married on the same day, not one pair having multiple marriages (although that too is an option). So, for all these reasons, Las Vegas remains the wedding capital of the world. 



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