Who Is The Anchorman According to Blackjack Lingo?

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One of the reasons why blackjack is so popular among people is because of its simplicity. However, if we dig down a bit further we can find out that blackjack involves many strategies, specific terms, and unwritten rules that can help you increase your winning chances.

So, the right step to take from the beginning is to learn the blackjack lingo and familiarize yourself with all the terms involved in the game.

Before looking where to play blackjack, get some to know this term in the game’s lingo and how this can help you increase your winning chances.

Who is the Anchorman in Blackjack?

Even though this term might be confusing, especially for a game like blackjack, it is actually pretty simple. No, it does not refer to the 2004 movie starring Will Ferrell! The anchorman is the last player to act before the dealer. 

So, the anchorman is defined only by its sitting position on the blackjack table.

But does this mean there is a difference in which seat you take at a blackjack table?

Well, there is no difference in the outcome of the game, but taking the last seat and being the anchorman will definitely add more pressure on you. Since you are the last person to make a decision with every hand, all the eyes on the table will be on you.


So, if you are serious about playing blackjack and can handle pressure from others, playing as the anchorman shouldn’t make a difference to you. However, if you choose to play the game casually and don’t like much attention, you should choose a different seat.

Is the Anchorman Important?

Anchormen are not as important as they seem. It seems the anchorman kills the table every time he plays in the so-called “incorrect” manner, but there are times when his bad play actually saves the game. It is only you who can determine whether you win or lose!

Why does the last box player have to bear the pressure of being the anchorman? Blackjack players have a common misconception about judging plays based on the outcome of that particular play on that particular occasion. 

There is a misconception about blackjack that exists in all forms of gambling. Some of the greatest ‘kings of gambling’ in history have had incredible gaming skills, but none won every single game they played. The same thing happens in poker – the player makes a crazy bluff, and gets away with it – he’s brilliant!

Because he won, he seems like a genius this time. It is inevitable that he will lose if he keeps doing those crazy things.

How to Choose Which Box I Play At the Table?

Your level of dedication to this game will determine how serious you are about it. Choosing the last box is not a good idea if you are playing for fun. Your anchorman status shouldn’t put you under unnecessary pressure because of a certain hand. The seat you choose does not make any significant difference if you are an experienced player. You and the dealer are the only ones in this game, so play your cards accordingly.


The anchorman status might not affect all people the same. Being the last person to make a decision is not an issue for most people, which means that the anchorman status doesn’t hold any particular value in blackjack.

It is all about the mental game of how you handle attention to yourself. However, if you take the last seat at the table, you should be prepared to be judged on your play since all players will pay attention to your every move.

You shouldn’t pay that much attention to the seat on the blackjack table. It is more important to focus on your strategy and decision-making if you want to walk away from the table with some money in your pocket.

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