Why does the Internet Love Julia Fox So Much?

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Image: Arturo Holmes | Staff

Recently, the Internet has been obsessed with Julia Fox. In case you’re unaware, actress Julia Fox fascinated the internet after having a short-lasting relationship with rapper Kanye West. Fox, who played Julia De Fiore in the 2019 thriller Uncut Gems. After Fox and West were confirmed to be together in January, and then broke up six weeks later, many became interested in Fox, her style, and the way she speaks. For example, TikTok was obsessed with the way she says “uncut gems” and made it a meme for a few weeks, as she pronounces it “uncut jams” and brings out the “e” in “gems.” And even now, she trends again for the wild things she said at the Oscars, including wearing real human hair.

Even after Julia Fox and Kanye West’s relationship ended, many still loved Fox and watched what she did. But, why are people so obsessed with Julia Fox? What makes her so appealing? Many believe it is because although she is aware people are making fun of her and might find her a little offputting, many have been loving the “unhinged women” trope. With several posts accumulating hundreds of thousands of likes on TikTok, many are obsessed with weird women and their stories, usually weirder the better. And although this is fiction, some are seeing this weirdness being portrayed in Fox, who is unafraid to be herself no matter what, especially with her expressive eye makeup and fashion.  Although men are often allowed to be odd and express themselves, many do not hold the same energy for women to express themselves as well.

Right now, Julia Fox is trending on Twitter after being asked about her upcoming book. When asked if it is a memoir, she says that it started as a memoir but “is just now my first book.” Many found this iconic and could not wait to read it, especially since she said it was one of her dream projects. Many also pointed out that although she is often made fun of on the internet, and even by reporters trying to get her to say something funny, she remains true to herself and continues to be who she is.


For whatever reason, people really love Julia Fox and everything she does, as she seems to trend online pretty quickly. Many point out that she often says things that are incredibly funny without even realizing or meaning to, which is a talent not too many people possess, which might be why people are drawn to her as well.


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