Why Fans Believe Kesha Threw Subtle Shade at Katy Perry Regarding Dr. Luke Collaboration

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Katy Perry’s recent decision to collaborate with music producer Dr. Luke on her upcoming sixth studio album has stirred controversy and sparked backlash, especially from fans of Kesha, who herself was embroiled in legal battles with Dr. Luke. The move has resurrected tensions and criticisms surrounding allegations of sexual assault leveled against Dr. Luke by Kesha.

Katy Perry, known for her pop hits and vibrant persona, is currently working on her new album, enlisting a team of renowned music producers including Max Martin, Stargate, and notably, Dr. Luke. Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, was involved in producing some of Perry’s earlier hits from albums like “Teenage Dream” and “Prism,” and now returns to collaborate on her new project, as reported by Rolling Stone.

The announcement of Perry’s collaboration with Dr. Luke has reignited anger among Kesha’s supporters, who view Perry’s decision as a betrayal of Kesha. Kesha, a singer-songwriter known for her dynamic style, accused Dr. Luke of sexual assault in a high-profile lawsuit in 2014. Dr. Luke vehemently denied the allegations and countersued Kesha for defamation, leading to a prolonged legal battle that lasted for years.

Katy Perry.
Katy Perry. PHOTO: Rob Latour / Shutterstock

In August 2016, Kesha chose to drop her lawsuit against Dr. Luke, stating her desire to move on from the ordeal. The defamation suit Dr. Luke filed against Kesha was not resolved until June 2023. During the legal saga, Kesha’s fans rallied around her, supporting her claims and advocating for justice in the face of what they believed to be mistreatment by the music industry.

Upon learning of Perry’s renewed collaboration with Dr. Luke, Kesha seemed to respond indirectly through social media, posting a cryptic “lol” on X without further explanation. This gesture was interpreted by many as Kesha’s subtle commentary on Perry’s choice to work with Dr. Luke again.

The situation underscores the complexities within the music industry regarding allegations of misconduct and the ethical considerations artists face when choosing collaborators. Despite the controversy, it remains unclear to what extent Dr. Luke’s involvement will shape Perry’s new music. Questions linger about whether he contributed to specific tracks or the album as a whole.

As of now, Katy Perry has not publicly addressed the backlash surrounding her collaboration with Dr. Luke. Efforts to reach Kesha for comment on the matter have so far been unanswered, leaving fans and observers curious about her perspective on the unfolding situation.


In the realm of pop music, where artistic decisions often intersect with public opinion and social justice concerns, Perry’s collaboration with Dr. Luke stands as a polarizing moment, inviting scrutiny and reflection on the industry’s treatment of serious allegations and the dynamics of power within creative partnerships.

Six months after the suit was settled, it was announced that Kesha had officially parted ways with Dr. Luke’s record label, Kemosabe Records.

“Jack Rovner confirms, after 16 years, Kesha and Vector Management have agreed amicably to part ways, with much love and respect,” a rep for told Us Weekly in December 2023.

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