Why “Play to Earn” is the Future of Web3 Gaming

Because it is.
By Savannah Moss
Image: Clash Pets

Are you someone who is new to Web3 gaming? Many believe that “Play to Earn” is a good way to start, especially as it grows in popularity. Play to Earn, sometimes nicknamed Play2Earn, is when a gaming platform allows its players to earn assets within the game that can then be used in the regular world for monetary value. Basically, you can make money while gaming! The Play to Earn model is not only attracting all kinds of gamers but also disrupting the gaming space at large via Web3. Many of these projects are integrating crypto and NFTs into the games as they build their communities too. One project doing this is called Clash Pets. 

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When you begin the game, you will receive an NFT trainer, and each mint gives you 3 Clashpet NFTS. From there, you can use them to gather different resources, engage in battles, and battle others. This game, which is free to anyone, gives you the ability to contribute to the play to earn the economy. Founder Alex Diesel has always dreamed of launching his own game. He shared with What’s Trending, “I have always wanted to pursue gaming, but like many others with immigrant parents, they did not take gaming seriously and felt it was not worth pursuing. So I focused on business. My professional background is in technology and construction. I have been very successful at building and operating multiple data centers on the east coast. Eventually, we have presented the opportunity to start hosting miners. This ignited my interest in crypto and Defi. I have watched the evolution of utility in space, especially now with NFTs. Gaming and NFTs are a great match when done correctly.”

Image: Clash Pets | Unsplash

Although the game is not ready for mint yet, it will be in May 2022. So what does the future hold for play to earn games? Diesel added, ““Play-to-earn will be the future of the gaming economy as earning fragmentation occurs in streaming channels. Making a living wage through gaming has become harder for most players. The introduction of P2E will allow people from all walks of life to earn by doing something they love.”