Why TikTok is Obsessed with Utah Soda Culture

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Going viral by TikTok user @Taylorbender, or just Taylor online shared the idea of “Utah Soda culture.” If you’re confused, no worries, this creator broke down the ins and outs of this culture, as she worked her first job at one of these soda shops. These shops are popular in Utah, which is a heavily Mormon state, and are a replacement for those who do not drink coffee due to religious beliefs. Instead, they visit soda shops, where they have a soda with creamer, syrups, and whipped cream. Basically, imagine a coffee shop, but replace coffee with different types of soda, usually diet.


Utah soda culture is real and it’s terrifying ???? #dietcoke #utahsoda #sodashop #utahculture

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Taylor says these moms were not playing around when it comes to their sodas, and would often open the shop with mothers already in the parking lot, waiting for the shop to open. Although some were confused about why Mormons were allowed to drink soda, which is caffeinated, but not tea or coffee, the church has stated that the use of caffeine is not prohibited, but rather hot drinks with caffeine. So, with tired moms looking for something to wake them up, these soda shops are what they look for. The creator stressed that these diet cokes were then saturated with sugary creamers and syrups and that the kid’s drinks were usually topped the drinks off with sour candy.


Reply to @jennymckennaaa here is one of my fav drinks- no recipe though just vibes???? #utahculture #utahsoda #utahsodies #baristalife

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In a follow-up video, Taylor recreated the “best and grossest” soda drink that she remembered was on the menu. This soda recipe used sprite, 2 pumps of cotton candy syrup, half and half, whipped cream, sprinkles, and marshmallow peeps on top. Now, TikTok is intrigued, and ordering “Utah Soda” at places like Sonic or making their very own at home. This has definitely become a trend online, as most people outside of the Midwest have never heard or experienced this before. Many from Utah, however, maintain that though this seems weird, it is a staple at most places. One creator said that there is “one on every corner” in Utah.


ITS WEIRD BUT ITS GOOD ???? #utahcheck #utahsoda #dietcoke

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If you’d like to try your own “Utah Soda” you can grab your soda and creamer of choice, and any syrups, and mix them all together. Or, some people are ordering it from Sonic or making it at a gas station, whatever suits your fancy.



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