Karen Yells at Arby’s Employee About Root Beer Float Ratio

Root beer float proportions are very serious, apparently.
By Savannah Moss
@Ignastyo | TikTok

Did you know some people take their root beer float proportions incredibly seriously? Neither did most people until one TikToker posted a video of him being berated by a woman, called a Karen by most on TikTok, for the proportions of the rootbeer float he gave her. Ignacio, @ignastyo on TikTok, posted the video on Monday, which has since received over 330 thousand likes.


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Ignacio, who works at Arby, captures the woman yelling that they put a “whole bunch” of ice cream and then filled it up with soda. Most agreed that this is the standard root beer float recipe, but the woman seemed to not be too pleased. She tells the worker “You get maybe three sucks out of it, then you’re stuck with ice cream and they give you a spoon for that. But I’m not two and a half, I don’t want the ice cream. I want to be able to suck it all the way through.” She repeats this numerous times, explaining that she wants to be able to suck it all the way through, and explains that she wants light ice cream, but still has it in there. In the video, Ignacio attempts to reassure her that he will remake the float, but she interrupts to continue to complain.

Image: @Ignastyo | TikTok

Many felt for Ignacio and other service industry workers, discussing how hard it can be to work as a customer service employee as this encounter seems to happen too often than would be preferred. Others joked about how the lady claims to not be a child but spends an extended period of time explaining and whining how she would prefer her root beer float to be made. Ignacio jokes in the video that he does not get paid enough for this, and in the caption jokes about how clearly he does not like his job.

Image: @Ignastyo | TikTok

Though working in the service industry can be tough and beyond exhausting, many people can relate and are ready to commiserate with you on the absurdity of customers, especially when those customers are Karens.