“You” Season Four Part II Offers A Humorously On Point Soundtrack

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Lexie Moreland/WWD/Getty Images

Netflix’s You, based on the novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, returned to streaming today with the second portion of its fourth season. The show has featured its titular character Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) in New York City, Los Angeles, and now London as he always manages to find himself in a pickle that he feels he can only kill to get out of. Part one left off with Goldberg still disguised as English professor Jonathan Moore seemingly discovering that Rhys Montrose (Ed Speelers) is the person who’s been sending him those creepy text messages and killing off wealthy Londoners.

After a dramatic who-dunnit chase through a countryside manor results in Rhys starting a house fire after killing Gemma (Eve Austin) and revealing that Roald Walker-Burton (Ben Wiggins) is obsessed with Kate Galvin (Charlotte Ritchie), Goldberg realizes who killed his neighbor Malcolm (Stephen Hagan) at the start of the season–and of course, it’s London mayoral candidate Rhys.

While Joe Goldberg’s detailed internal monologues are often regarded as the show’s most memorable element, this season across the pond had viewers focused on the absence of the fan beloved Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) and the popular songs that soundtracked the often gruesome story. Part one of this season included Cardi B.’s “I Like It” during a particularly gruesome scene. Fans of the show felt that the song choice added a dark humor to the scene it was featured in. Cardi herself has long been a fan of the show, and she struck up a friendship with Penn Badgley in 2021 after he praised her ability to be authentic in an interview.

This part of the show featured Taylor Swift’s self awareness anthem “Anti-Hero”, because if there’s one character who needs to be self aware, its Joe Goldberg.

In a new turn for the series, this portion finally addresses Goldberg’s obsessive and violent tendencies. After years of him wildly justifying his actions by associating them with protecting the people he loves, he finally realizes that maybe he is the crazy one after all.


Joe Goldberg comes to this realization when it comes to his attention that Rhys Montrose isn’t who he thinks he is, and that he hallucinated his murders the entire time. Fans joked that Penn Badgley hinted at this season’s ending with a TikTok he posted back in the fall of 2022 when Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” first dropped as part of her Midnights album.

The scene sparked countless humorous memes on Twitter about Joe’s internal monologue being taken to new heights this season.

The disorienting nature of the ending felt just as mind-boggling as Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” music video, in which Swift interacts with her own more confident public persona.


The season concluded with Joe Goldberg still not facing justice for his multiple crimes. Fans are calling for a Reputation themed revenge ridden season five featuring some of the surviving loved ones of his victims.

A fifth season of the popular thriller series is yet to be confirmed. Some viewers feel that this season ended the show perfectly, but others want to see him finally get a taste of his own medicine in a new season. Taylor Swift is yet to react to her hit song’s feature in the show. All ten episodes of You season four are on Netflix now.

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