Demi Lovato Needs a Break From Hollywood

Entertainment just isn't for Demi anymore... *sigh*

  • Demi Lovato is definitely not one to hold her tongue on social media, or in general, actually. You may remember her fight with Mariah Carey that caused her to (briefly) quit social media, but it looks like recent drama has pushed the star to take a hiatus not just from social media but from entertainment in general.

    Here's Lovato's tweet from earlier this week in which she announces her break:

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  • When featured on the cover of Glamour's November issue, Lovato was asked about previous comments she had made regarding Taylor Swift branding herself as a feminist. The "Body Say" singer didn't hold back and shared that Swift should do more if she's going to continue to claim that label.

    Unfortunately, Lovato's responses made for major backlash from Swift's fanbase on Twitter. Instead of fighting back directly, however, Lovato expressed her disbelief at the situation:

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  • As a fan of Demi, I have to admit I'm sad to see her take a step back from the music scene. Here's to hoping her break isn't too long!

    What do you think of the Taylor and Demi drama? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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