Turn Down For Pop Culture

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  • Turn Down for Whats (DJ Snake + Lil Jon x Pop Culture) | What’s Trending Original

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    “Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon seems to be the song of the season. Or at least it’s that song that you hear more than once almost everyday, but somehow it’s so catchy that you still feel the need to jam to it for the 300th time.

    Well, we decided that all it needed was a little more pop culture to be perfect, So we created a mash-up of some people you might recognize putting their own personal spin on the ‘whats.” It’s just as catchy as the original and I can’t stop watching it to make sure I catch all of the references. Check it out! I dare you to not be singing it in the different voices all day! Actually, I take back that dare. Don’t hold back, do what you gotta do! I’ve certainly been saying “What the?” as Hank Hill all day.

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