The Beautiful and Surreal World of John Boehner Fan Art

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  • John Boehner by tonix17

    John boehner by tonix17 d3d26df


    Sketched while watching the most recent State of the Union. I was actually pretty pleased with the looseness of this work, and felt it captured him well without being totally on point with every feature.

  • John Boehner by donaldmatlack

    John boehner by donaldmatlack d4hp7c8


    John Boehner. Ink. A caricature artist is tempted to use color to leverage the unnatural orange of his complexion. But this works OK for me. In the style of Edward Gorey, a little.

  • “fear gives me a…” by pineapplemike

    Fear gives me a by pineapplemike d37gc55


  • Speaker John Boehner by swashburnillo

    A06beff091a2fb8fe0a96ed348ad86b4 d48jxdx


  • John Boehner by djolliffe

    3da0b875e1c07e513cd7270e11f0e37c d57dimo


    caricature of john boehner

  • racing to Dustbin of history by sketchoo

    Racing to dustbin of history by sketchoo d5shx8p


    John Boehner editorial

  • John Boehner Starting to Cry by aclaytonjohnson

    John boehner starting to cry by aclaytonjohnson d41jzh6


    Oil On Canvas, 40 x 40 inches, 2011

  • John Boehner Crying by jweb3d

    John boehner crying by jweb3d d45v7x4


    John Boehner Crying Digital Illustration

  • John Boehner Caricature by DonkeyHotey

    John boehner caricature by donkeyhotey d5sxic9

    Source: / Via:

    The source image for this caricature of Speaker John Boehner is a Creative Commons licensed photo from Gage Skidmore’s Flickr photostream.

  • John Boehner by meatheadsux

    John boehner by meatheadsux d38uywd


    Drawn in ink, colored with Adobe Photoshop.

  • weeping Boehner by lucasnickerson

    Weeping boehner by lucasnickerson d3igmp4


    Caricature of John Boehner.

  • Moth Man by SMS00

    Moth man by sms00 d32bfe6


    I wanted to do another Moth Man picture, and add him to another “distasterous” situation. And with the Republicans taking alot of power, I think I could….work with it. I added him here at John Boehner’s little victory speech. You’ll note that that hes kinda crying in the picture, he was shedding crocodile tears then. Hes also very orange….very orange, so I colored him in like a coloring book 😀 In the pic M.M. is either a supported of the Republicans, or hes just their to signal the up coming distaster(s), who really knows.

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