SMOSH have turned into ZOMBIES! | #VIDCON2014

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  • Ian and Anthony of SMOSH fought off zombies to get to our interview.

    Just kidding, but they actually did compare VidCon to World War Z.

    “We were walking up the staircase and there was a hoard of zombies, a mountain of people,” SMOSH told us. “One person bit me.”

    They started just posting videos on their channel for fun and hanging out… and they just keep going and growing!

    “We started off just the two of us and now we want it to be more of a brand of comedy and when you hear SMOSH, we want it to be stuff people know they’re going to like because it’s similar to stuff we’ve already made,” the YouTube stars told us.

    They come up with new ideas through random conversations or sometimes when they want to make fun of something in pop culture.

    They envision next year’s VidCon to be quite futuristic.

    “There’s going to be 100,000 people and we’re going to walk in in gold suits and be flown in by a drone and become miniature and walk in without anyone seeing us,” they joked.

    What’s next? While they’ve said traditional media wasn’t their thing as they grew their new media empire, they mentioned the possibility of a movie project (which fans loved). In the short term though? Their next target is a collab with Grumpy Cat.

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