YouTuber Vitaly Pranks World Cup Final, Streaks on Field

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  • UPDATE: Vitaly’s video of the incident is now up!

    That video is embedded below.

  • Streaking During World Cup Final!

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    I just wanted a little kiss 🙁

    Natural Born Prankster!


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    What happened during the World Cup Final that was so crazy that even Lebron James had to film it? A streaker running into the field of course! But not just any streaker, it was none other than notorious YouTube prankster Vitaly.

    In the middle of the match, Vitaly ran onto the field with his shirt flipped over his head to reveal the giant “natural born prankster” written across his body. Maybe this world famous moment will have it’s 15 seconds of fame once again in Vitaly’s upcoming movie “Natural Born Pranksters” with Roman Atwood.

  • Vitaly is well known for doing pranks such as this one, where he tries to pick up a girl who turns him down…until she sees his ride.

  • Gold Digger Prank!

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