Learn to Build Your Own Igloo, Because Winter Will Never End

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  • For many people across the country, it feels like it’s been winter for, approximately, forever. With summer but a distant memory, and the icy hands of Old Man Winter firmly around our hearts, it may be time to start thinking about cold weather survival strategies. All that snow and ice on the ground has to be useful for something, right?

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  • YouTube channel overthehill outdoorsman, who claims “50+ years of hunting, fishing, hiking and camping in the West,” is here to show us how to make that classic winter abode: the igloo.

    With nothing but a shovel, a saw, a ski pole, and the grim fortitude necessary to survive the cold winter hellscape, you too can build your own igloo! Do it right and you can build your new home in a cool five hours. And then crawl inside and tell stories of the Summer Days. Because winter still isn’t over.

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