Guy Throws Eggs At Unsuspecting Mom For Over A Year

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  • Originally posted to the UNILAD Facebook page, a British guy named Jamie uploaded this video of him throwing eggs at his mom for over a year.

    His mom, although always unsuspecting, is great at catching the eggs. The video shows a bunch of instances where she’s always surprised by the eggs but only one goes uncatched.

    Because we’re only shown 13 shots from the year-long prank, Huffington Post notes:

    Admittedly, we don’t know how many eggs the son threw over the course of the 12 months. He could have thrown 365 (one for each day), so 12 catches would only equate to a 3.2 percent success rate.

  • Still, this mom is awesome and is clearly always surprised by each throw. She hilariously shouts “No!” before each catch.

    She deserves a medal for putting up with this prank for over a year!

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