“It takes someone strong to make someone strong.”
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  • Better get the tissues ready.

    Few things are more effective at tugging your heartstrings than 1) clips of people winning at the Olympics and 2) reminders of why you should hug your mom. So Proctor & Gamble really hit on a winning combination with their “Thank You, Mom” videos honoring Mother’s Day and promoting their sponsorship of the Olympic Games, which they’ve been producing since 2007.

    For the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the commercial focuses on all the times athletes’ mothers have been there for them.

    As they prepare to compete in their events, three Olympians (played by actors) flash back to childhood memories when their mothers protected them in their most frightening moments. An American gymnast’s mother pulls her into a storm shelter as a tornado approaches; a German runner’s mom defends him from bullies; a Brazilian volleyball player flashes back to a car accident; and a Chinese diver is comforted by his mother when he feels like giving up.

    For all of them, the thought of their mothers’ love and support is what pushes them to victory – and their moms are the first people they hug afterwards. So many feels.

    Sure, it’s still a commercial for products like Bounty and Tide, but you’ve gotta admit it’s a good one.