Take a BMX Tour of New York With This Daring POV Video

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  • GoPro videos have rapidly grown in popularity on YouTube since their creation, however, Nigel Sylvester proves that the medium can still be as innovative and exciting as ever before. Shot from Nigel’s point of view, we see him take on New York with his wild, yet skillful technique.

    As he weaves through crowds of terrified pedestrians, Nigel turns the city into his own personal playground and invites us all to come along for the ride. He takes sharp corners and shortcuts through tight alleyways, even once cutting through a store open for business. All in all, Nigel makes Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush look like an amateur tricyclist.

    Now that he’s tackled New York and Los Angeles, we’re excited to see to see where he rides next. Check out his tour of Los Angeles below and his channel here!

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