Kristen Stewart Does Jell-O Shots, Plays Twister

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  • When you’re a late night host and want to do something fun and exciting with your guests rather than just a standard interview, why not put a twist on an old game?

    Get it? Twist? We’re talking about Twister.

    After reportedly discovering an old photo of former Tonight Show host Johnny Carson playing Twister with one of his guests, Jimmy Fallon wanted to do something similar with Kristen Stewart. Except instead of regular Twister, they decided to make up a game of Jell-O shot Twister.

    The game proved to be a bit more complicated than they expected, as it’s difficult to grab Jell-O shots when your hands are both tied down to specific locations on the Twister mat, but they ultimately prevailed. Or one of them did, anyway. Any guesses as to who?

    What’s your favorite modern spin on a classic game to play with friends? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @WhatsTrending.

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