This Animal Shelter’s Doggy Slumber Parties Are Freaking Awesome

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  • Lifeline Animal Project wants you to have a slumber party with their dogs!

    After a video of one of their pooches named Paul Anka went viral, Lifeline discovered that slumber parties with their dogs are leading to higher adoption rates. Karen Hirsch, the public relations director at LifeLine, elaborated:

    “In Paul’s case, his new family had been hesitant to adopt a pit bull, but when they had him overnight, all their hesitation went right out the window.”

    Paul, who had been in the shelter for nine months was adopted the following day after the slumber party. Hirsh explained, “It is much harder to get pit bulls adopted because of people’s preconceived notions. Pit bulls make great companion dogs — they are incredibly loyal, silly, and have the biggest smiles around.”

    You can book a slumber party with any of the dogs at the shelter by contacting them directly, but It should be noted, that both shelters are located in Georgia.

    Would you do a dog slumber party? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @WhatsTrending!

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