Amazon Submits Patent For Flying Zeppelin Warehouses

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  • Remember the S.H.I.E.L.D. helipad from The Avengers, that gigantic floating war machine manned by Nick Fury and harboring endless and endless buildings upon it. Can you imagine like— what if instead of delivering superheroes it delivered like— your terrible Playstation games you ordered on Amazon Prime. Using the state of the art Playstation game delivering drone!

    Well-now you can imagine it a little better I guess! Amazon, as part of its roll out of the Amazon drone, has filed a patent for the Amazon Blimp Warehouse in April. We’re talking about a blimp full of sweet Amazon products floating just above us all, deploying drones with our orders which will drop to the grounds, their propellors kicking in at the last possible moment, as they deliver a package to our homes. This is how badly I need my garbage Amazon stuff. This is how bad I need my CD of Simpsons Sing the Blues, the bad album from the 90’s.

  • Thank you Amazon drones, thank you.

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