New iPhone Has Theater Mode, Loss In Fight Against Rudeness

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  • Are you ever sitting in a movie theater — maybe enjoying yourself some Star Wars or Avengers or something— when suddenly there’s a bright light next to your head. You try to ignore it but you can’t! What is this light? What does it mean? Is that— someone is texting! “Boy oh boy”, you think “Someone really ought to invest a whole slew of money in developing a technological advancement so that young man can text in peace!”

    Wait! NO ONE thinks that! But I guess Apple did, as the new iPhone is rumored to come with a theater mode.

    Theater mode is reported to come with a popcorn shaped icon and it dims the light on your phone so you can ignore the cinema around you in peace, and boy oh boy— people are not happy with the change.

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  • As for me, I’m just heartbroken to see the war on movie rudeness being lost so quickly! Or maybe this mutes the rude folks? So we can’t see them text? Who knows. We don’t even know what the phone mode does yet! Only time shall tell. Good old time.

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