Kanye Shows Love for Kim in ‘Refreshing’ Way

Nothing squashes divorce rumors like an air freshener of your crying wife.
By Alejandra Moedano
  • The end of 2016 was nothing short of a whirlwind for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Though numerous rumors swirled of a potential divorce, we are happy to report that Kimye is still going strong.

    This past weekend, paparazzi spotted the rapper leaving Jay Z and Beyonce’s home in LA. However, the stars reconciliation was not what caught fans’ attention. While we’re happy that the musicians are friends again amid their differences (i.e., Kanye’s rant), we need to discuss Kanye’s choice in air freshener.

    As the rapper jumped in his car, paparazzi got a glimpse of his Kimoji air freshener, but it wasn’t just any Kimoji – it was Kim’s infamous crying face, of course.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • The Internet (being the Internet) has since fallen in love with the idea and added it to their list of #relationshipgoals.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • It’s even lead some to create air fresheners of themselves to share with their significant other!

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • What do you think of Kanye’s car accessory? Cute or too much? Either way, I think Yeezy just set some modern love standards. Leave a comment below or share your thoughts with us at @WhatsTrending on Twitter!