Hacker Turns Dead Links On Trump Tweets Into Trolling

By Alex Firer
A Belgian hacker has been replacing the dead links on Donald Trump's Tweets with ridiculous and weird videos.
  • There are no right answers to how you fight Donald Trump. Do you resist? Do you stop listening to him? Do you just leave the country? Or do you do what this gentleman did, and troll him by replacing the dead links in his many ridiculous videos.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • Trump links Tweets to shady places. What the origins of a lot of those places are is not for me to say (something like Lifezette, which posted a few pro Trump entries and then nothing else, which Trump has linked to, certainly doesn’t seem like a viable media outlet). When these links inevitably die, Belgian hacker Inti De Ceukelaire grabs them and reconnects them to insane things! In the link above, he plops Donald Trump into a Brony convention (the much maligned fandom of the show My Little Pony), and in the latter he remixes a bizarre music video about Trump’s love of Russia.

    If the Trump presidency noticed this insanity, it has not yet done anything to stop it. Which would be a good motto for the Trump presidency in general.

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