The Garfield Inspired Madness of Lasagna Cat is Back

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  • People of the world, I have unbelievably good news: Lasagna Cat is back.

    For those of you who weren’t bizarre weirdos back in 2007, Lasagna Cat was a series of bananas videos released by the sketch group Fatal Farm which adapted Garfield comic strips into direct recreations, and followed them up with ridiculous music videos playing off the theme. They were smart — internet sketches and weirdness at its greatest. They were released suddenly, and all at once to avoid being taken down by Jim Davis, the creator of the comic back in the 00’s. Well, today, after a little bit of teasing, Lasagna Cat came back, and its results more surreal than ever.

    I could describe these videos in detail, but that would only dilute their perfect weirdness. Take a peek, my friends, and enjoy.

  • 08/14/1986

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  • 10/20/1984

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  • 03/28/1992

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  • There’s so much more on Lasagna Cat’s official channel and I urge you to check it out. Some of the new uploads are hours long, and I dare not set foot into that level of oddity just yet! For now, let us enjoy the return of a true, weird, internet classic.

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  • 06/08/2001

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  • 12/04/1980

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