Is Beyoncé Dropping Hints About Her Twins’ Gender?

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  • Internet Beyoncé sleuths are at it again. Sure, Beyoncé noticed some of the subtle hints towards her pregnancy announcement that she dropped earlier, including the use the #2 sign in many of her Instagrams leading up to the historic announcement, and they will NOT be caught flat footed on this one, after new photos uploaded to the singer’s site hinted at something more!

  • Exhibit A: Beyoncé’s Earings — As Seen On Her Website

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  • On new photos showing off her baby bump at, fans noticed a subtle hint. Those earrings. Are they familiar at all!? No!? Then you’re not a seasoned Beytective (debeyctive? We’ll figure it out.) Fans quickly realized they were the same earrings from the video for her 2008 song If I Were a Boy. A song. With the word. Boy. In the title. Do you see these connections!?

  • Exhibit B: The “If I Were A Boy” Music Video

  • Kudos to the Beytectives, this is indeed a very subtle clue, and their Beyoncé adoring eyes did not miss out. And kudos to Beyoncé. Why wouldn’t an artist who seems 98% art and glory (and 200% superstar of course) let you to play detective like this!? It’s just cool! So what do you think, are the debeyctives/beytectives/beybeyctives correct? Is Beyoncé hinting that her twins will be boys? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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