Cops Cannot Stop the Mighty Emu

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  • The police’s endless war with the animals will always be a losing one — wether it be a cop scared by a rat or whatnot — the cop in the viral video will always lose to the wily animal. Such is also true here, as we see a cop fail to wrangle an emu who just happens to be casually sauntering down the highway. It all comes to a head when the emu begins running towards the cops.

  • O majestic emu! Worry not you pure beautiful being! For when you flee those who try to capture you, you saunter your beautiful feathers into the wind and you run towards freedom! Move your amazing bird legs to freedom friend! Man’s laws do not apply to you! You are emu! You are a beautiful bird! Run emu run! Yes!

    This all took place in Texas where big animals — I think — rule all and chaos reigns amongst those who witness them. Such is all we can expect from this animal cruel world.

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