Man Delivers Game Ball WHILE FLYING ON DRONE

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  • I know a lot of you think soccer is a pretty boring game, but what if I were to tell you, and this game of kick em ball now has— a man riding on a drone! That’s right! Look out superheroes, people of the future and general fans of flight, during the Portuguese Cup. The man hovered an incredible thirty feet above the people, holding the ball during the game between Benfica Lisbon and Vitoria Guimaraes and then drop it to the ground for the game of soccer to begin!

  • Look, is there a better way to bring a soccer ball into a game? Yes, of course there is! But is there one more satisfying than this one? Folks, I just don’t think there is! Many commenters have pointed out that this soccer ball holding man looks like the Green Goblin on his Goblin Glider, and if I could convince the Green Goblin to drop soccer balls into Portuguese soccer games rather than torture Spider-Man — buddy, I would in a heartbeat.

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