TLC Officially Has Not Relaxed Its Policy on Scrubs

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  • We often wonder — where are they now? What happened to the celebs of 15 years past? Did the Baha Men find out who let them out (re: the dogs)? Afroman? Is he still his ashamed of being so high? And that Destiny’s Child leader — Beyoncé or something — did she ever put out another album? The answer to all of those is I don’t know, especially on that Beyoncé one — please get mad at me in the comments!!! — and Paul F. Tompkins, comedian extraordinaire and star of Seeso’s Bajillion Dollar Properties, had a question regarding TLC, and their anthem regarding that most loved of men — the “scrub” —

  • And the Tweet took off, because it is a good question. Truly, has any organization had more derision and loathing for scrubs than TLC? And with a new album coming out from them soon (the self titled, Kickstarted TLC), they have suddenly been released again into the limelight! And look — TLC is not one to let a question go unanswered, and they responded to Paul F. Tompkins on Twitter with a righteous—

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  • Oh hells yeah TLC! You don’t want NO scrubs! Why, some could say, a scrub is a guy who could get no love from them! In any case, it’s exciting to see one of our favorite bands from the early aughts return, and return in such a brazen way! TLC, I will be your soldier in the endless war against the scrubs.

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