New Yorker Outs Harvey Weinstein as Serial Sexual Assaulter

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  • The Harvey Weinstein story that the New York Times broke earlier this month continues to grow darker and darker, as an article penned by Ronan Farrow was in the New Yorker discussing, using witness testimony of the victims, that Harvey Weinstein serially engaged in sexual assault and rape— including forcing women to give him oral sex and forcing oral sex on women. He has also raped several of these women, engaging in unwanted vaginal penetration. These actions involve everyone — from actresses to assistants, and when he was either rejected or the victim came forward Weinstein planted negative news stories about them in the press.

    The article tells a series of events where Weinstein escaped litigation — once when his victim — Ambra Battilana Gutierrez who was groped by Weinstein— went directly to the NYPD and recorded Weinstein admitting to groping her and trying to bring her back to his hotel room. The New Yorker obtained audio of this encounter.

    Trigger warning. This audio involves a man predatorily trying to lure a woman back to his hotel room and is incredibly upsetting.

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  • Harvey Weinstein has since been ousted from The Weinstein Company — which is, for obvious reasons — considering a name change and announced they’ll have one within 48 hours. More of Weinstein’s victims are coming forward, as many men are claiming they have no knowledge of this — an idea often debunked by the women in question.

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  • It’s not sure what the final outcome of this investigation will be — wether Harvey Weinstein will face jail time or not — but this is an ongoing matter. If you have any comments, make sure to leave them here or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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