‘Cut for Time’ SNL Sketch Shows Weirdness of Star Wars Languages

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  • The first thing that comes to mind when you watch this cut SNL sketch — concerning how weird it is that everyone in the Star Wars Universe seems to be able to talk in every single language with ridiculous ease — is how was this cut considering it looks like the most expensive sketch in human history? Heck, this looks like more money was poured into it than the original Star Wars Cantina scene, as we see Kenan Thompson in a big rubber Jabba the Hutt like suit, a near perfect R2D2 knockoff, a killer set of the Cantina, and freakin’ J.J. Abrams (of all people) showing up to do his thing and introduce this fake movie.

    So now that we got over the fact that SNL cut something that looks like it cost twice as much as my annual salary, what about the sketch? Well, for a certain kind of movie nerd, this sketch is incredibly funny, as we see Charles Barkley play an Obi-Wan Kenobi like looking character as he’s absolutely bewildered by the fact that everyone in this little crowd speaks a completely different language but still understands each other? Does everyone end up getting shot? Probably! But just watch for yourself anyway.

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