VIDEO: Folks, Here Are Some Chimps in a Ball Pit

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  • Look, it’s been an absolutely hellish day. Between the NFL’s ban on kneeling, and the ongoing onslaught of stories about racial injustice, I think we could all agree, we need a break from the news of the day. Well, not to worry, because I found a video that can turn around any fatigue with the endless worsening of the universe — this video of chimpanzees goofing around in a ball pit.

    Sure, you may have seen the dog goofing in a ball pit, but after it was over and you were faced with your own reflection, you could only whisper, “Why… what about the other species in a ball pit?” Well, don’t worry, here are some chimps.

    By the way, you might have thought they were our closest relative, but they had to be taught how to goof in a ball pit. It wasn’t pure instinct.

    Oh nature, you mysterious beast!

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