“Delicious Cyber Anarchy”: The Craziest Moments of YouTube’s Big Live Comedy Show

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  • YouTube kicked off its first ever Comedy Week on May 19 with a gigantic live show, produced by JASH comedy network and featuring major YouTubers and comedians skilled at tickling your funny bone.

    The red carpet (a.k.a. Show Before The Show) was led by SNL alum and star of buh‘s new series, “Catherine,” Jenny Slate, arguably the perfect man, Kassem G, and comic icon, Norm Macdonald. That whole shebang mostly featured the excitement of Jenny’s hand getting cut to due a botched magic trick from Justin Willman, Norm being incessantly heckled about wearing sweatpants, and Grace Helbig conducting interviews with the night’s performers.

    Now, onto the show!

    Your friendly neighborhood Sarah Silverman opened the event with a warning that this is the Internet, and we will see how far we can go without consequences. Then, she proceeded to kill a production assistant and stab movie star/non-YouTuber Seth Rogen.

    The evening featured live renditions of songs and performances that we’re only used to seeing on-demand, such as The Lonely Island’s “Spring Break” (AND “I’m On A Boat” with T-Pain!), Epic Rap Battles of History: Mozart vs. Skrillex (featuring the real Skrillex!), Toby Turner‘s “Dramatic Song,” The Fine Brothers‘ “Spoilers in 60 Seconds,” and The Key of Awesome‘s musical brillance.

    Other highlights include:

    -Who is cuter: Lil’ Bub or Jack McBrayer? “The Workaholics” attempt to find out.

    Jeff Ross roasts Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time and Morestein gives Ross a taste of what the Sauce Boss is cooking.

    Justin Willman uses Siri as an assistant for his magic trick.

    Garfunkel & Oats perform their song, “29/31.”

    Hannibal Buress closes out the show with a performance of his “Gibberish Rap” with Ryan Philippe and Skrillex.

    Throughout the evening, JASH also debuted some brand new video content, including Sarah Silverman‘s “Perfect Night” party anthem feat. will.i.am and Reggie Watts‘ “Reggie Rolled,” a shot-by-shot remake of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

    What was your favorite part of YouTube’s Big Live Comedy show? Let us know!

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