Taryn Southern Teases The First Season of “My Domain” On Look TV

Taryn Southern Teases The First Season of "My Domain" On Look TV
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Taryn Southern stops by What’s Trending to talk about her new show “My Domain” on Look TV and creating “Cribs” for YouTube stars!

    “I loved watching ‘Cribs’ as a kid,” Taryn says. “It was my favorite show, back in the old days when we didn’t have that Internet stuff. I love seeing the homes of these people that I was fascinated by. And I thought we should do the same thing for YouTube stars because their homes are also their productions spaces, and they tell a lot about who they are.”

    She adds, “We’re used to seeing their sets, but not the stories behind the sets. But I also infiltrate their homes and do kind of rude and awkward things, because it’s me.” Get ready for interviews in bed (and stealing DeStorm’s bling)!

    Specifically, she says, “I think Davey Wavey was really fun just because he’s so crude. I thought I didn’t have boundaries, but nope, he crosses them!”

    Fun facts we know already: Davey Wavey has a gasoline-sized container of lube; DeStorm has maybe 30 couches; Brittany Louise Taylor has more hard drives than anyone; Olga Kay’s clothes are to die for.

    “All these YouTubers are used to showing their place around in their vlogs, but a lot of them, they want to choose what they show. They don’t want there to be full access,” Taryn says. “Some people are doing really well off YouTube, and some people are still struggling to make ends meet, and I want to tell all of those stories!”

    Watch the first episode of “My Domain,” featuring Olga Kay!