“Star Wars” Blu-ray Pre-orders Come in Despite Fans Objection to Rumored Changes

"Star Wars" Blu-ray Pre-orders Come in Despite Fans Objection to Rumored Changes
By Whatstrending
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    Star Wars Complete Saga (Credit: Lucasfilm)

  • “Star Wars” Blu-ray edition pre-orders are pouring in as the official release date of September 16 nears. Despite fans desire to own yet another version of the beloved sci-fi series, many are enraged about some rumored changes to the saga on the new, remastered versions. While none of the additions will change the storyline, they do affect some beloved characters — and that’s why nerds online are angry.

    Among the “upgrades” includes Obi-Wan Kenobi uttering a primal hooting to scare off the sand jawas. Instead of sounding terrifying, he sounds deranged and possibly infected by some sort of space illness from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. YouTube user WideAsleepFilm synced up the alleged leaked audio with existing footage to give fans an inkling of what it might look like.

  • Another rumored change that has fans all riled up is Darth Vader’s infamous “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” being added to the Emperor death scene.

  • One YouTube user commented:

    George Lucas calls James Earl Jones.

    “Hey James, how’d you like to come to the studio for some Vader sounds I’m going to put into the Blu-Ray release”


    “You sure? I’ll pay ya.”


    George smiles to himself.

    There are other changes, including R2-D2 being covered in rocks and ewok blinking eyes being added (as illustrated by YouTube user DrewtonTube), that fans don’t even want to mention. However, these changes remain rumors, and no one will know the truth until the Blu-rays are released on September 16.

    So, what has been confirmed? Digital effects have been added to the Death Star and TIE fighters. A clip of the new footage was released by the official “Star Wars” channel.

  • Even though some people on Facebook say they are going to boycott the films, the Blu-rays remain #1 on the Amazon Best Seller list for 248 days and counting.

    Will you buy the “Star Wars” Blu-rays?