$80m Jackpot Winners Announced in Western Australia

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Photo: Dylan Nolte

A syndicate of 55 women gym-goers in Western Australia was the lucky winner of an enormous prize worth $80 million in the Powerball Lottery. The women were part of the same gym in the city of Perth and had pooled in to bet at the winning numbers.

Winners to Go Home With $1.4 Million Each

The ecstatic winners will go home with $1.4 million each. A winner who shared the massive prize disclosed that the Perth gym owner encouraged the members to participate in the Powerball. 

Lorna, the winner, said that joining the pari-mutuel was a last-minute decision on her part. She quickly rummaged for $5 to feature in the list of participants and submitted the amount to Sue, the Beldon gym owner. Lorna was in for a great surprise when the parking ticket money she had used to bet came back manifold in form of the enormous prize.

The prize means more than momentary joy for the winners. According to gym owner Sue, her husband, short of 60, was laid off in the pandemic. Sue had to toil to keep the Curves Gym up and running and was worried about the future. However, the $80 million wins have brought good fortune for the ladies who would not have to worry much about what the future might hold. According to Lorna, the amount will help over 43 families sail through their tough days. Also, ladies who run small businesses for a livelihood in the pandemic would find succor in the victory. This is one of the biggest real money gambling winnings Australia has ever seen.

The Lott Spokesman Shares More Powerball Draw Results

According to the Lott spokesman Matt Hart, the $80 million draw was the third Powerball jackpot for 2021. Earlier, two winners from New South Wales had shared the $80 million jackpot in April 2021 and had taken home a generous share of $40 million each. Another big winner was a North Melbourne dad who had scooped the grand prize in August 2021. The man was also the only division one winner in the state of Victoria. Not only did the man become Victoria’s biggest division one winner, but he also ranked third in Australia’s biggest division one winners list. The $80 million jackpot also happens to be the equal-biggest prize that has been won from any lottery in Australia in 2021, as of yet. The winning digits in the draw held on 2 December 2021 were 27, 30, 4, 5, 33, 26, and 19. The Powerball digit 8 had landed the 55 strong gym group a massive victory.

Lotterywest CEO Hubble Confirms $80 Million Win to Be the Biggest Since 2015 in WA

Jeremy Hubble, the CEO of Lotterywest said that the $80 million jackpot shared by the female syndicate in Perth has established the record of being the biggest lottery win in the state of Western Australia.Lotterywest is the operator of the Powerball draw in Western Australia (WA).Further, Hubble added that the victory had overshadowed a $50 million win in 2015 in the state. 

The Lotterywest executive jubilantly declared that the Powerball jackpot victory by the ladies at Curves Gym, Beldon, had contributed to the rising numbers of division one winners in WA. 


The 2021 tally of division one lottery winners in WA has arrived at a count of 64.

Many Winners Still In Shock, Reveals Perth Gym Owner

According to Powerball winner Lorna, she heard the pleasant news on the phone after she had missed a Christmas Party on the day the lucky numbers were announced. 

For many winners like Lorna, the news is yet to sink in completely. Gym owner Sue said that many members of the syndicate did not believe the news when she called to inform them. According to Sue, she was yet to inform about ten more members of the group about the victory that would dazzle their holidays even more. 

The ladies come from all walks of life and age groups ranging from 30 years of age to early 80s.

The group received the news while some members were out for a Christmas dinner at a restaurant when a member’s spouse happened to ring them to convey the good news. The news spread like wildfire, and soon, the word was out that the group from Perth had been the lucky winners of the $80 million Powerball jackpot.

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