YouTube All-Stars Fail Leno’s Game Show

YouTube All-Stars Fail Leno's Game Show
By Damon Berger
  • YouTube all-stars failed basic questions on Jay Leno’s mock game show to test their knowledge. Amber Lee (Obama Girl), Chris Crocker (Leave Britney Alone), and Elle and Blair Fowler (Haul Girls) couldn’t quite answer some basic questions about the world…well, actually, Obama Girl did quite well, but the rest of the answers were ridiculously silly.

    When asked what year the American bi-centennial was, one of the Haul Girls tried to calculate, “Centennial is 100, which is why 50 is half of it,” assuming that “bi” meant “half.” After they were given a hint, about the start of the nation in 1776, one blurted out, “1824?”

    When asked about which cities were the twin cities, one contestant said, “Minneapolis?” and was corrected, “No, that’s a state.”

    Watch the whole clip here: