Home Alone: All Grown Up and With a Vengeance

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  • YouTube’s hilarious Boo Ya Pictures channel is visiting one of Christmas’ most iconic films – 30 years later. While “Home Alone” has seen its share of sequels and revamps, it’s time to face the facts, kids. Kevin McCallister is all grown up now.

    That’s why “Home Alone: With a Vengeance” allows us to relive our favorite classic with the modern day Kevin after he gets left home alone by his family yet again. But instead of “The Grinch” and pizza, he’s ordering porn.

    “Wet bandits” Harry and Marv are still around, robbing houses and cracking stupid jokes, but if you thought Kevin was ready for them when he was a boy, check out how he’s preparing for a home invasion now.

    Let’s just say the battle plan includes some more adult weapons.

    Also, for those wondering, the original Kevin, Macaulay Culkin, looks like this now.

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