An Extravagant Starbucks Order Sparks Conversation Between Baristas’ Least Favorite Orders

Bless our Baristas...
By Victoria Hunt

While most of order a cappuccino or an iced coffee at our local coffee shops, we all know someone who loves to make their drink very extravagant with several add-ins like extra-whip, espresso shots, java chips–you name it. As frustrating as it is for the people waiting behind them, it must be incredibly frustrating for the baristas whipping up the drinks behind the counter.

Oh, Edward

In a recent Twitter post, a barista named Josie, shared an anger-inducing picture of an order with at least a dozen add-ins ranging from caramel crunch to banana. The post was captioned with “On todays episode of why i wanna quit my job.” And honestly, we GET it. Just take a look at the drink order yourself:

He Isn’t Alone

Ridiculous, right? Well, it might be hard to believe for those of us who have never worked at a coffee shop, but many baristas are sharing similar stories via Twitter. It is making us *cringe* big time.

Victoria showed an order from a person named Muhammed and they order dozens of add-ins. She quoted the tweet with “I raise you this.” I mean, doesn’t that get expensive? I think I’ll stick with my iced tea.

Bianca responded with this crazy long add-in list that looks more like a book than an order. What happened to ~simplicity~?

This Twitter user shared an order that doesn’t look horribly long, but look at HOW MUCH CARAMEL is in this drink. Not to throw shade but…You want some Iced Latte with your caramel drizzle?

This barista shared an order the caption, “you’d be surprised . a lady ordered this in person with a completely straight face.” I would be SO embarrassed to ask for this. 

Some People ARE Edward

Behind every crazy drink order, is an even crazier customer. Some people who interacted with the tweet identified themselves as part of the issue, which is so bold.

While Brooke understand how irritating long orders can be, she orders via the app so she doesn’t have to tell the barista her order saying, “I order this via mobile and avoid eye contact when I pick it up because I hate inconveniencing the barista; these types of people are monsters.”

Hats off to the hard working men and women behind the counters at our favorite coffee shops, because we could NEVER handle a situation like this. What happened to good ole’ cup of Joe or an iced tea? It’s okay, we like being a little extra sometimes too.

Remember to tip your baristas. They really deserve it.